The World Youth Parliament (WYP) is a permanent forum for dialogue and preparation of proposals, where young people from all over the world, from different cultures and religions, reflect and compare their ideas about crucial issues of personal and social coexistence, in order to present to the world ways of restoring humanity based on their personal commitment.

The spirit of the WYP  is based on the model of the person, relationship, union and community that we find in the teachings and in the message that Jesus has transmitted to us through the Gospels.

The great witnesses of peace of different religions and cultures are also our references. WYP’s specific goal is promoting peace through a concrete form of dialogue.



Peace Under Construction:
Making Decisions Together for a New Civilization


This concrete form of dialogue is meant to create true communal decision-making, and, from there, reach proposals that are within the reach of a young person, for the restoration of our wounded humanity.

At the same time, it has an educational and formative dimension, in that it seeks to have a creative environment in which the capacity for reflection and expression is developed.It is a project also designed to create a network among all those entities that share this same mission.

Its promoter is Idente Youth, an international non-profit organization founded by Fernando Rielo in 1975, and dedicated to educating young people and children in values.

You may download different manifestos in different languages clicking on this link.